Focusing on the innovative, jam-based rock of the '70's, and mixing it up with classic crowd-pleasers, the Surreal Deal pumps out dynamic hits that keep joints jumping. Beginning in late 2006 with a little-publicized local gig at The Office, word quickly spread that night via cell phone and text message that something special was happening. Musicians and music-lovers from all over town converged on the pub to admire the tight musicianship and blistering solos the Surreal Deal was burning through on that chilly December night. 

Jeff Kerr on guitar and vocals, Billy Galt on bass and vocals, Jesse Brown on keyboard and Josh Quirk on drums and vocals, combine power and improvisational wizardry, and bring a crackling freshness to audience favorites. All the band members have deep Champaign-Urbana roots, and have played with some of the most admired and polished local bands over the last 20 years like The Mighty Pranksters, The Funky Butt Drum Club, The Brat Pack, the Keith Harden Band, The Blues Deacons, Difficult Listening, The Jesse Ross Band, Duke Tumatoe, and countless others. Many of the band members met and honed their chops at Griz’s famous barn; a place cherished by local musicians for over 30 years for the late-night sessions and camaraderie. Combining superior musicianship and irresistible energy, The Surreal Deal is the real deal for great music and a memorable event.

The Surreal Deal


Jeff Kerr - Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Brown - Keyboard, Vocals
Josh Quirk - Drums, Vocals
Billy Gault - Bass, Vocals